Sitemap Generation

Help Google to help you

Byword allows you to generate sitemaps for articles generated in the batch generator. Uploading these sitemaps can help you notify Google of your new articles, and decrease time to indexing.

Sitemap generation currently only works for projects up to 200 articles in size. If you're keen to use this feature regularly for larger projects, contact

You can generate a sitemap by heading to your Articles page, and clicking .xml next to a project. If you haven't set your site's domain already, you'll be prompted to enter it.

Make sure to include any relevant path structure. For example, if you're hosting your articles on, enter that (rather than just as your domain.

You'll then be able to download an XML sitemap which will reference the URL slugs contained in your CSV exports.

You will have to host Byword articles on your site using the provided URL slugs, in order for sitemap exports to work.

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