Keyword Research

Everything you need, from research to generation, inside Byword

Byword's keyword research feature allows you to find and collate keywords that are relevant to your site. You can compile these keywords into clusters, and send them to the Batch Generator for writing.

How does it work?

Head to the research page, where you'll see a search bar.

There are three types of inputs that you can provide:

  • Seed Keyword You can simply provide a keyword relevant to your site/brand, and have Byword return a list of related keywords.

  • Parametrised Keyword You can also provide Byword a keyword like 'best * shoes'. The asterisk standards for a wildcard word, meaning that Byword will return only keywords like 'best hiking shoes', 'best running shoes', and so on.

  • Domain Lastly, you can provide a root domain (e.g., and Byword will return a list of keywords which it thinks are relevant to that domain.

Once you've chosen and entered your input, Byword will display a list of relevant keywords.

For each keyword displayed, you'll see a number of statistics:

  • Search Volume An estimate of the total number of monthly searches of this keyword.

  • Trend A sparkline graph of the last 12 months of search volume data.

  • Difficulty A rough difficulty score, indexed on a scale from 0 to 100, representing how tough it is likely to be to rank on this keyword. This data is derived from paid search/PPC metrics, and so may not always correspond to other tools, but should give a directionally accurate result.

Next to those statistics, you'll also see the ability to add/remove that keyword from a cluster.


Clusters allow you to group keywords together, either for exporting to another tool, or for sending to the batch generator.

To get started, you can either click on Manage Clusters in the top right of the research screen, or by selecting Create New Cluster in the dropdown that appears above keyword reports.

Once you've given your cluster a name and created it, you'll then be able to select it in the cluster dropdown when reviewing research reports. Clicking 'Add' or 'Delete' will respectively change whether a keyword is added to or removed from your selected cluster.

Generating articles

Once you've added all the relevant keywords to your cluster, you can send them to the Batch Generator for writing.

To do this, click Manage Clusters in the top right, select your cluster, and click 'Preview in Batch Generator'.

Note that pressing 'Preview in Batch Generator' won't consume any credits, nor will it start writing the articles. You'll be taken to the regular Batch Generator screen, but with your cluster's keywords pre-filled into the inputs box.

Usage limits

Different plans have different monthly usage limits:

  • No plan - 3 searches/month

  • Starter - 25 searches/month

  • Standard - 80 searches/month

  • Scale - 300 searches/month

  • Unlimited - 500 searches/month

Note that the search usage resets on the 1st of each month, rather than whenever a plan's billing renews.

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