Programmatic Builder

Generate {number} of pages, all about {topic}

The programmatic builder is an advanced custom format within Byword that enables you to generate pages at scale, using programmatic formats.

At a top level, it works by supplying a keyword or title structure, and then filling in all possible values of variables within that structure. Byword will then generate all the possible keywords or titles for you, and let you send them straight to the batch generator.

How do I use it?

To use the programmatic builder, first decide whether you're looking to build a keyword or title structure. In this example, we'll use keyword structures, but everything will be applicable to title structures too.

We'll then decide on the keyword structure that we want to use. Let's pretend we're a gardening site, that wants to produce programmatic content about growing different plants in different locations. We might use a structure like:

Here our structure is 2-dimensional, because it contains 2 variables that we'll iterate over.

Below, two boxes will appear, one for each of our variables ({plant} and {location}). We might choose to fill these out as follows:

Here we've essentially decided that we want to produce articles about growing those 6 plants, in each of the 50 US states. Once we're happy with our inputs, we can hit the Generate Keywords button, and Byword will generate all of our keywords for us.

Byword here has generated 300 different keywords, owing to the fact that we have 6 values for our first variable ({plant}) and 50 values for our second variable ({location}). Multiplying these together gets us to 300.

Generating Articles

Once you're happy with the output, you can hit the Send to Batch Generator button. This will take you to the Batch Generator screen, with your keywords pre-loaded, ready to generate.

Note that hitting the Send to Batch Generator button won't start generating anything - you'll have an additional chance to review everything before hitting 'go'.

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