Outranking Google & Microsoft on their own turf

What pages did we generate?

We generated a page for every single formula in Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel. The pages were educational in nature, focusing on how the formulae work, when (and when not) to use them.
Because we had a finite list of formulae to work through, this makes this an example of a structured campaign. To get the list of formulae, we simply scraped Microsoft and Google's own pages detailing the full list of formulae in their respective products.
You can see an example page here.

Why did we do this?

We did this because spreadsheet users are a target market for Causal. Someone using spreadsheets, especially if they're using advanced financial functions (which many of our pages covered), is likely a good customer for Causal.
Even though we knew that conversion rates would be low for educational content like this, we felt like the potential traffic volume would justify the resource required to produce the content. Equally, we felt there would be brand value in having so many users see Causal's brand, and associating it with trust in the realm of spreadsheets/modelling.


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  • We managed to outrank Google & Microsoft's own formulae documentation pages, on a significant number of terms, which was a huge highlight.
  • One thing that we didn't do, but which would be very powerful, is to use semantic matching to show related formulae (and links to their pages).