Causal's financial glossary

What pages did we generate?

We generated nearly 500 different glossary-style pages, all covering different financial terms. Each page had a unique structure (generated by Byword), designed to incorporate the different subtopics that were relevant to the concept at hand
You can see an example page here.

Why did we do this?

As a product that primarily targets financial specialists, and also business owners/founders looking after their company's finances, Causal has an interest in generating traffic from these audiences. Users making educational searches around these topics are likely to fall into these categories, and a glossary was a natural way to reach them.
In addition, many SEOs argue that building up topical authority is important for a domain to be able to rank on particular subject. After all, it feels natural that buzzfeed.com shouldn't be able to rank as highly as webmd.com on medical subjects, even if they put out pages of the same quality. Building up a financial glossary may have had the secondary effect of building up topical authority for Causal in the financial space.


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  • I've actually got a section on creating glossaries in Byword, which you can view here.
  • In addition, I'll soon be releasing a glossary mode, simplifying the process for creating glossaries even further.
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