Sync new articles to Shopify

This integration is currently pending Shopify app review, meaning it's not currently live inside of Byword. It's fully built, and just waiting Shopify approval - you'll hear via email as soon as it's ready!

Byword's Shopify integration allows you to sync all new articles created in Byword with a Shopify store's blog.

Connecting to a store

To get started, head to the Shopify integration page, and enter your store name. Your store name is the bit at the start of your URL.

For example, if you access shopify via, then your store name will be mystore.

Enter this into Byword and hit 'Connect'

If you've entered your store name correctly, you'll be taken to a screen asking you to install the Byword app inside your Shopify store.

You may see a warning that Byword is an unlisted Shopify app. This just means that the app isn't publicly available, given that it's only built for Byword users.

When ready, hit 'Install unlisted app', and you'll be redirected back to Byword. By installing the Byword app, you're only giving it permission to read and modify blog data on your site - Byword will never touch anything else on your site.

Integrations settings

Once your integration is set up, you'll be able to toggle a few settings to determine how Byword interacts with your site.

  • Blog You can toggle which blog Byword should post new articles to. Note that a blog must be selected in order for the integration to work.

  • Author You can choose which author (of those already on your site) Byword should post as. Note that an author must be selected in order for the integration to work.

  • Sync Images You can toggle whether Byword should upload images that it generates to your site.

  • Tags You can select any tags that you'd like Byword to use for your articles, provided they already exist within your Shopify store's blogs.

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