Byword Unlimited

Unleash Byword at scale
Byword Unlimited enables you to generate unlimited articles via, letting you scale your content like never before.

How does it work?

You’ll be asked to provide 2 API keys:
Both should have sufficiently high limits to cover your costs.
You’ll then receive a portion of dedicated server capacity, which will always be available to prioritise your articles. This will allow you to produce around 1,500 articles per day, but this can also be increased on request.

How much does it cost?

Byword Unlimited comes in two options:
  • Unlimited - $2,499 per month
    • The core Unlimited self-serve offering, letting you generate as much content as you like.
  • Unlimited Plus - $9,999 per month
    • Our fully managed service, that includes dedicated strategy and implementation support
For more details on what's included in each package, head to the signup page.
On top of these costs, you’ll be required to pay costs incurred via your API keys. These latter costs are fairly small, and should come to around $0.10 per article. This number can increase depending on settings, and in particular can be 2-4x larger when Interlinking is enabled.
For a point of comparison, the table below looks at how much different numbers of articles would cost via credit purchases, versus with Byword Unlimited:
# of Articles
Credits: Cost
Credits: Cost/Article
Byword Unlimited: Cost
Byword Unlimited: Cost/Article
As you can see, whilst Byword Unlimited makes less sense at lower volumes, it becomes drastically more economical as soon as you get to 1,000+ articles.

I’m interested - what next?

Head to this page for next steps and signup. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] too for any questions!