How to get up and running in 60 seconds

If you just want to test Byword out as quickly as possible, head to the single article generator.

By default, this will be in keyword mode. To use the single article generator, simply input a keyword that you'd like your site to rank on, and Byword will generate an article that could rank on that keyword.

Note that:

  • A keyword doesn't have to be just one word, it can be multiple (how to clean bathroom mirror).

  • Byword will take around 60 seconds to generate your article (but can sometimes take longer when our QA algorithms spot something that should be rewritten).

  • You can navigate away from the page while the article is generating (it'll appear in your Articles page).

Once your article has generated you can read it on the page, or copy it in HTML/Markdown/Plaintext formats by using the buttons at the top.

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