And some final words...

How long did this all take?

Considering we produced the best part of 10,000 pages, not long at all!

The longest part of these sorts of processes is always coming up with the campaign ideas/page structures. Once you've come up with a set of ideas, which are scalable and map onto what your target audience is searching, execution is fairly quick. Now that Byword is a public tool, it's as quick as building your titles/keywords out in Google sheets, and throwing them into the Batch Generator.

How much did this all cost?

I was working with Causal as a consultant, and billing in a manner more similar to how Byword's Unlimited plan works. I understand that, even with the results that Causal saw, the cost of producing this scale of content via credits may be prohibitive. If you're looking at emulating these sorts of results, I'd therefore look into the Unlimited plan, even if only for a month (there are no minimum terms currently).

Are you worried about AI detection/manual penalties?

Not at all:

  • Google themselves have come out and said that they don't care how your content is produced, only that it's helpful to searchers.

  • You can read my take on this here.

If you have any other questions about this case study, or want to understand how parts of it relate to your site, feel free to reach out to me at mack@byword.ai.

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