Case Study - Causal

The strategy behind Causal's million sessions per month pages

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Before Byword launched as a public tool, it existed as a codebase that brands used to build out large-scale programmatic SEO campaigns. Brands would develop page title structures, and feed thousands of them into Byword. The generated pages would then be published to the brands' sites, and rank for all sorts of keywords.

Cue Causal

The first brand to use Byword, back in 2021, was Causal. Causal is a number-crunching platform (think spreadsheets, but way more powerful), with a specific focus on financial modelling.

Over the course of six months, we built out a number of different AI-generated, programmatic SEO campaigns for Causal. Each of these contained hundreds, in some cases thousands, of pages.

Today, these pages collectively bring in over a million organic sessions a month for Causal. This gives them a huge, reliable source of traffic, brand awareness, and credibility in their space.

In the next few pages, we'll walk through all of the strategy that went into researching and building these campaigns.

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